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Cape Karoo International (CKI), the result of a merger between Klein Karoo International and Mosstrich, is the world’s leading producer of ostrich leather, feathers and meat. Our rich history stretches back to the 1860’s when the commercial farming of ostriches originated in the Little Karoo.

Today, CKI sustain thousands of jobs across various farms, two state-of-the-art tanneries, four ostrich and game abattoirs, and a feather processing facility. This new innovative company not only offers impeccable service and first-rate products, but also holds the confidence of over 200 ostrich farming-shareholders.

Delicious Ostrich meat is well recognized as a healthy alternative red meat. Cape Karoo International is the world’s foremost producer of Ostrich meat. Our pre-grilled Ostrich range is available 12 months of the year, enabling us to develop a sustainable industry.

This range is seared for tenderness & juiciness, offering a convenient, high quality and food safety complaint product suitable for both retail as well as food service.



Yips & Yaps is suitable for all dogs due to its hypoallergenic properties with no added preservatives


Comes from an export approved abattoir which sources raw material from export registered farms, both following the best animal welfare practices.


Bleach & chemical free


Ostrich is naturally high in protein – refer to the pack nutritional information.


Ostrich is naturally low in Fat, refer to nutritional information.


12 months – store in a cool dry place

Ostriches have been roaming the plains of the Southern Cape of South Africa for centuries. The high demand for ostrich feathers enabled the creation of an industry that has been in existence for almost 200 years. The ostrich industry is highly sustainable and a major job creator in a vast rural area.

In this unique and challenging industry, Klein Karoo International and Mosstrich Group (SCOT) merged to create Cape Karoo International. We are combining our decades of experience to effectively create and continuously support a secure and sustainable environment for our passionate farmers. Together we are committed to protect the environment, to optimize the health and safety of our employees and to create ever increasing job opportunities within a rural community.

Cape Karoo International is committed to ensure the continued supply of high-quality ostrich leather to our valued customer base around the world. We strive towards offering a wide range of finishes and colours that perfectly suit the specific needs of each of our respected customers.

Today Ostrich feathers are probably most easily associated with the fun and extravagance of the Rio Carnival or the fantastic costumes of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The fascination with this luxuriant plume actually started centuries ago.

Evidence exits that the people of Ancient Egypt traded in various ostrich products, with wall murals depicting triumphant Pharaohs claiming Ostriches from the conquered nations. Some of the most valued items were Ostrich feathers.

On the southern tip of Africa lies the town of Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world – where these majestic flightless birds have roamed the plains of this beautiful Klein Karoo district for centuries.

This arid, sunny environment is also known as the home of Cape Karoo International Ltd, the world’s foremost producer of ostrich related products since 1945.

The Cape Karoo International company supplies more than 65% of all ostrich meat, leather, feathers and egg shell products found on international markets. The company is also a leader in the game leather industry of South Africa. At Cape Karoo International we are excited and passionate about ostrich products and wish to share this majestic bird’s natural beauty and exquisite qualities with you.

Via our exclusive Cape Karoo Ostrich Emporium we cater for world class markets in fashion and personal wear. Our collection of products bearing the “Blue Ostrich” trademark includes handmade and delicately precision-crafted fashion accessories, interior decorations, gifts and curios at affordable prices.

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